Beef stew served with potatoes with bacon, sour cream and spring onion and pumpkin



  • Beef stew-

  • Fry the stew,

  • add garlic

  • and ginger masala,

  • babeque spice,

  • paprika,

  • salt,

  • tomato sauce and continue frying.

  • When it starts sticking to the pot add water.

  • When the beef stew is cooked add red onion and green pepper,

  • a bit of brown onion soup and simmer for few minutes.

Potatoes- When boiling the potatoes, add salt( boil the potatoes for 30 minutes. Just until the half way cooked)

Let the potatoes cool, when they are cool, make a cut half way. Marinade the potatoes in oil, garlic, mixed herb, salt and black pepper. Then put the potatoes in thd oven to continue cooking. In the meantime, fry bacon until crispy. When the potatoes are cooked, put sour cream on top of the potato, crispy bacon and spring onion.


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