Colorful Lasagna Pasta



6 eggs

500 grams of flour

2 tablespoons of margarine or 1/2 cup of oil
1 teaspoon of salt

To dye the dough

green (cabbage)

Yellow (saffron)

Other colors (edible dyes)


Divide the ingredients into three equal parts, in order to make three colors of dough.
Beat two for each dough, mix the margarine and dye. Add wheat flour until the dough is smooth.
Open the dough with the rolling pin or cylinder to the desired thickness. Let the dough rest until dry, before assembling the lasagna you need to pre-cook the dough.

Assemble the lasagna with the ingredients of your choice interspersing the colors.
Cover with the sauce of your choice and take to medium oven for 30 min.
Use leftover dough to make delicious pastries.

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