The process of making a classic chocolate mousse is enough to make anyone —amateur or expert — a little twitchy. It usually starts with a chocolaty egg custard, which, in and of itself, is notoriously finicky. The eggs can scramble or make the base lumpy, while the chocolate can easily seize if it gets too hot. Then you fold in whipped cream. This step also makes me nervous, even with all my years of practice, because over-mixing will quickly deflate your mousse. But there’s an easier way to make mousse, and I’m sharing it with you. Rather than starting with a custard base, I just melt chocolate in hot heavy cream. Then I whisk in cocoa powder to make it intensely chocolaty, and espresso powder, which adds lots of personality. Once the chocolate cream cools, I tuck it into the refrigerator until it’s well chilled. Done

two glasses filled with chocolate mousse topped with shaved white chocolate on white plate.

Cooking Instructions
Chocolate Mousse
It’s time that I share my favorite recipe for Chocolate Mousse with you.
I was talking to my friend about a big dinner she was planning and she wanted some dessert suggestions. First thing that came to mind was my chocolate mousse recipe. 

Luckily, I was planning on making a delicious new pie to share this week and part of it is my chocolate mousse. It was perfect timing for me to share chocolate mousse first and you will have to come back for the pie. And trust me, you will want to come back for the pie too. It is so good!
Serves 4


Ingredient Notes:


  • 4 Bar Ones
  • 150 g Marshmallows
  • 15 ml cacao
  • 100 ml milk



1. Chop 3 1/2 Bar Ones

2. Microwave chocolates and milk together on full power (1 000 W) for one minute


3. Add the cacao and stir well. Add the marshmalloss and microwave again for another minute until the marshmalloss have puffed up

4. Mix all the ingredients together until smooth

5. Transfer to four individual serving dishes

6. Refrigerate to set

7. Slice the remaining half a Bar One into eight slices

8. Top each mousse pot with two slices of Bar One to garnish



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