Bundt cake with chocolate drops and currants


Imagine a Bundt cake, a masterpiece of culinary artistry, adorned with a symphony of flavors and textures that promise to delight with every bite. This particular creation weaves together the rich, indulgent essence of chocolate drops and the subtle sweetness of currants, creating a harmonious balance that is as visually stunning as it is tantalizing to the taste buds.


At its core, this Bundt cake boasts a tender crumb, moist and dense yet wonderfully light. Each slice reveals a mosaic of chocolate drops nestled within, their glossy surfaces catching the light and hinting at the decadence within. These chocolate morsels, carefully distributed throughout the cake, offer bursts of deep cocoa flavor that meld seamlessly with the buttery richness of the cake itself.


Interspersed among the chocolate drops are plump currants, their tiny, wrinkled forms bursting with a natural sweetness that adds a delightful contrast to the dark chocolate. With each bite, the currants provide a soft, chewy texture and a burst of fruity flavor, complementing the cake’s overall profile with their gentle tang.


The exterior of the Bundt cake is a work of art in its own right, adorned with a delicate drizzle of glaze or a dusting of powdered sugar. This finishing touch enhances the visual appeal, adding a touch of elegance that beckons admirers to slice into its tempting depths.


Served on a platter, perhaps with a dollop of freshly whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, each slice of this Bundt cake is a celebration of craftsmanship and culinary passion. It embodies the joy of baking, offering a moment of pure bliss with every forkful. Whether enjoyed as a dessert centerpiece or savored with a morning coffee, this Bundt cake with chocolate drops and currants is a testament to the artistry of baking and the pleasures of a well-crafted treat.


The currants in my garden are slowly being harvested, but there’s definitely still one left 😊

Juicy Bundt cake with the sweetness of chocolate and the slight acidity of the currants 😋 works perfectly together.



  • • 120 g sugar
  • • 3 eggs
  • • 300 g flour
  • • 120 g butter
  • • 2 tsp baking powder
  • • 25 g cornstarch
  • • 149 ml buttermilk
  • • 150 g currants
  • • 50 g chocolate drops
  • • 150 g white chocolate coating
  • • 150 g dark chocolate coating
  • • Currants for decoration



Grease a Bundt cake pan and dust with a little flour.
Preheat the oven to 180 °C.
Beat the butter and sugar until creamy. Then add the eggs one after the other and stir briefly.
Mix the flour, baking powder and starch and stir into the butter-sugar mixture alternately with the buttermilk.
Carefully fold the cleaned currants together with the chocolate drops into the dough and place in the mold.
The bundt cake then goes into the oven for about 50 minutes.
Do the toothpick test.
Remove from the oven, turn out and allow to cool.
Melt the white and dark chocolate coating and pour alternately onto the bundt cake.
Decorate with a few currants. 


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