Frozen Oreo Cake! Everything rich in a single portion

    Ingredients: (mold 26 cm in diameter)
  • 650 gr sweet pastry milk
  • 650 gr cream cheese
  • 200 ml cream of milk.
  • 2 packages Oreo cookies
  • 1 package mini Oreo cookies to decorate
  • 100 gr pastry dulce de leche to decorate


In a blender with a lyre accessory, place the cream cheese together with the dulce de leche. Mingle.
Switch from attachment to whisk and pour in the cream. Homogenize the preparation and reserve.
Place an acetate waistband in a 26 cm diameter ring/mould. Assemble its base and outline by placing cookies one next to the other.
Pour the preparation and fill. Freeze 3 hours minimum before unmolding. Decorate to taste.

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