Sandwich and fried

Stacked high with CHICKEN , ham, bacon, lettuce, and juicy, ripe tomato layered between three slices of toasted white bread with tangy mayo, this club sandwich is a crave-worthy classic.

The famed club sandwich may as well be the mascot of room service food, and it’s also an old-school American diner standout. A stacked marvel that’s chicken and ham-meets-BLT, there are not two, but three slices of mayo-slathered, buttery toasted bread with extra-long toothpicks holding it all together. The triple-decker sandwich gets sliced into cute little triangles and is typically served with fries or chips and a pickle (a must). If you can easily get your mouth around the first bite, it’s probably not as good as it could be. While the individual ingredient layers are thin, together they literally stack up. It’s the very sandwich you instantly envision and crave when you hear the word “sandwich.” Grab the napkins and your appetite, and let’s get into it.

Why Do They Call It a Club Sandwich
It’s said that “club” is an acronym for “chicken and lettuce under bacon,” but the original club sandwich never had bacon. The club sandwich dates back to the 18th or 19th century, with The Saratoga Club House, in Saratoga Springs, NY claiming they created the sandwich in 1894. However, New York City’s Union Club maintains they debuted a “clubhouse sandwich” on their menu a few years prior. Regardless, the original club likely had ham instead of bacon and some say roast chicken was the main protein. Union Club’s version was made with two slices of graham bread (wheat bread ), turkey or chicken, and ham. The sandwich evolved over the years and by the 1970s it famously became known as a stacked sandwich with three slices of bread, chicken or turkey, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and bacon.




• 2 pieces of bacon
• 3 slices of white bread
• 100gm grilled chicken breast, sliced
• 1 tomato cut into slices
• 1 slice Emmental cheese
• 2 lettuce leaves
• 1 teaspoon mayonnaise
• Fry the bacon until done. Toast slices of white bread.
• Sliced ​​grilled chicken breast and tomatoes.
• Butter one slice of toast. On top of it is an Emmental slice, half chicken, a
tomato slice and a lettuce leaf.
• Spread ½ teaspoon of mayonnaise on the next slice of toast and set the mayonnaise side on the lettuce.
• Repeat, omitting cheese & adding bacon before lettuce.
• Spread half a teaspoon of mayonnaise on the last slice; Put the mayonnaise down.
• Cutting sandwich to quarters, securing every quarter with toothpick.

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