Krispy Kreme Peach Cobbler!!

The aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg adds warmth and depth to this mouthwatering dessert.

As it bakes, the Krispy Kreme donuts caramelize, creating a crispy, golden-brown crust that contrasts beautifully with the tender, syrupy peaches. Each bite is a heavenly combination of sweet, tangy peaches and the irresistible taste of glazed donuts. Serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate indulgence.

Whether enjoyed as a special treat for dessert or served at gatherings with family and friends, Krispy Kreme Peach Cobbler is sure to impress with its unique flavor and comforting appeal. It’s a delightful way to celebrate the flavors of summer and satisfy your sweet tooth with a touch of nostalgic charm.


  •  2 16oz boxes of frozen peaches
  •  – 1/2 Cup of brown sugar
  • – 1/2 stick of land O’lake butter
  • – Cinnamon
  • – a pinch of nutmeg
  • – 2 Tbsp of corn starch
  • – a little water
  • – 1 Cup of heavy whipping cream
  • – 1 Cup of carnation milk
  • – 2 Eggs
  • – 1/4 Brown sugar
  • – 2 Boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts
1 ) Start by putting 2 bags of peach slices, half a cup of brown sugar, half cup of stick of land O’lake butter, cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg.
2 ) Cook it over medium heat for about 10 minutes.
3 ) Mix 2 tablespoons of corn starch and a little bit of water, add it to the peaches mixture to thicken the sauce.
4 ) In a mixing bowl, use a cup of heavy whipping cream, a cup of carnation milk, 2 eggs, 1/4 brown sugar, and cinnamon then mix together.
5 ) Cut 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts up, and put them in custard mixture for 5 minutes to soak it up.. (You can spread some extra peaches over the doughnuts if you want to)
6 ) Let it cook in the oven for about 20min at 250 degrees, and ENJOY it Mama’s Favorite Recipes

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