What Are Carrots?
Carrots are root vegetables that were first grown in Afghanistan around 900 AD. Orange may be their best-known color, but they also come in other hues, including purple, yellow, red, and white. Early carrots were purple or yellow. Orange carrots were developed in Central Europe around the 15th or 16th century.

This popular and versatile veggie may taste slightly different depending on the color, size, and where it’s grown. The sugar in carrots gives them a slightly sweet flavour, but they can also taste earthy or bitter.

Carrot Nutrition
One serving of carrots is a half cup. One serving has:

25 calories
6 grams of carbohydrates
2 grams of fibre
3 grams of sugar
0.5 grams of protein
Carrots are a great source of important vitamins and minerals. A half cup can give you up to:

73% of your daily requirement of vitamin A
9% of your daily vitamin K
8% of your daily potassium and fiber
5% of your daily vitamin C
2% of your daily calcium and iron

Health Benefits of Carrots
Carrots have a wealth of antioxidants and offer many health benefits. Here are the highlights:

They’re good for your eyes. This is probably the best-known carrot superpower. They’re rich in beta-carotene, a compound your body changes into vitamin A, which helps keep your eyes healthy. And beta-carotene helps protect your eyes from the sun and lowers your chances of cataracts and other eye problems.

Yellow carrots have lutein, which is also good for your eyes. Studies have found that it can help with or prevent age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in the U.S.A.



6 firm, ripe Golden apples cut into 1 cm cubes

2 shredded carrots

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup white raisins (regular raisins or dried cranberries can be used)

½ cup chopped cherries in syrup

1 cup low-fat cream

2 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


Sprinkle the lemon over the apples immediately after cutting them so they do not oxidize.

Mix all the ingredients and let stand for at least one hour in the refrigerator.




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