Easy Choco Croissants

Very delicious, crispy on the outside, very very light and fluffy on the inside.


600g flour
Teaspoon of salt
100g sugar
1 dry yeast
400ml warm milk
250g unsalted butter.
Egg wash to glaze.

Method 1.

1) warm up milk and then add yeast and sugar, leave for 10 mins for the yeast to activate.

2) On a big bowl, add the flour, sugar and salt and sift it at least 3 times ( I do this for extra fluffiness)

3) pour the warm milk mixture with the yeast and sugar into the flower and knead for 10 mins until batter is stretchy and then leave it the whole day in the sun or overnight but give it at least 8 hours for the first rise.

Method 2.

1) Remove the risen batter and roll it into one big circle and fold the into a long snake like shape. Once the batter is a long roll shape ( like snake) cut out 20 small circles balls.

2) Roll out the circle balls individually rolling them into perfect medium circles (like roti shape)

3) once having rolled out all circle balls into medium roti sizes then spread butter on every individual ball and pile them on top of each other with butter in between. You should have all 20 into one long tall stack with butter in between.

4) put cling wrap on the one big stack and freeze for 35 mins so that the butter in between the stacks freezes ( if you have made pies you will understand better the pastry sheet method)

Method 3

1) Take out the big stack from the freezer and start to roll it into one big circle. You should have one big circle with many layers of butter underneath. ( this will form the layering of the croissants and that pastry pie like feel)

2) Once you have a big circle, cut at the middle of the circle and across the circle like a cross shape in the circle. ( video will help to understand method)

3) you should have big triangle shapes by now, divide these triangle shapes into 4 small triangle shapes and fold them individually which should immediately give you the croissant shapes.

4) once all triangles have been rolled out into croissant shapes, then egg wash them all for that golden finish.

5) put all egg washed raw croissants out in the sun and let them raise for another 5 hours again.

6) Bake at 190° for the first ten minutes and then bake at 165° for the remaining 10 minutes and you have home baked croissants.

Do not get disappointed if you don’t get them right the first time. Just keep at it until you improve. Google any video that will help you if what I said confuses you a bit. Tried to explain it as clear as possible but just like baking pies, you must first see the demonstration physically.



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