Pickling Method 

Pickling is a food preservation method that has been used for centuries to extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and even meats. The process involves submerging food items in a solution of vinegar, salt, and spices, which creates an acidic environment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

 Pickled vegetables can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or condiment, or used to add a burst of flavor to sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.

Overall, pickling is a versatile and flavorful preservation method that allows you to enjoy the bounty of the harvest year-round.

((Turnips _ Carrots _ Cucumbers _ Green Peppers _ Lemons…))

✨ Water Standard: ⬅️ First, boil the water🫗 first and let it cool – for every liter of water, add 4 tablespoons of salt 🧂 and half a cup of vinegar.

1/ First (Turnips)




Water – Salt – Vinegar – Bay leaves – Beets 


✅ Method:


Wash the turnips and cut them as desired.

Place them in a strainer, sprinkle with salt, and leave for two hours until they release their water.

Then put them in a pickling container along with beet slices and bay leaves as desired.

Add water, close tightly, and use after 5 days.

2/ Second ((Carrots🥕)) Ingredients: Water – Salt – Vinegar – Bay leaves – Green peppers as desired


 ✅ Method:


Wash the carrots well, cut them, and place them in the pickling container along with water and green pepper rings as desired.

Seal it and use after 15 days.

3/ Third ((Cucumbers🥒)) Ingredients: Water – Salt – Vinegar – Bay leaves – Garlic


✅ Method:


Wash the cucumbers well.

For small cucumbers, make a slit in the middle, and for large cucumbers, cut them lengthwise.

Then, fill them with water, bay leaves, and two garlic cloves in the pickling container.

Seal it tightly and use after 5 days.

4/ Fourth ((Green Peppers🫑)) Ingredients: Water – Salt – Vinegar – Bay leaves – Garlic – Oil


 ✅ Method:


Wash the green peppers thoroughly, make a slit in the middle, and fill them in containers suitable for pickling.

Add water, a little oil, and seal tightly. Use after 15 days.

5/ Fifth ((Lemons🍋)) Ingredients: Pomegranate seeds – – Oil – Lemon juice – Salt


 ✅ Method:


Mix pomegranate seeds with salt, and a spoonful of oil for lemon stuffing.

Wash the lemons well and dry them.

Cut them open for stuffing and fill them with the mixture.

Place them in special pickling containers and pour lemon juice until it’s close to the neck of the container.

 complete with oil until the lemons are covered.

Seal the container and use after a month. 


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