How to grow large and juicy strawberries at home


Strawberries are juicy and sweet fruits that accompany us especially during the warmer months.

If the ones you buy at the supermarket, perhaps paying dearly for them, no longer have that delicious taste you were used to, we’ll explain how to
Having a strawberry plant at home allows us to be able to enjoy our fruits, which in addition to being delicious, will also give us a lot of satisfaction.

Furthermore, the strawberry plant is really beautiful and if placed in the right corners it can decorate the house.


How to grow strawberries at home

Choose 1-3 strawberries that are ripe but not too soft .

Make sure they have no black parts.

Press the tip of the strawberries and, with the help of a knife, extract the seeds .

Dry them well and put them on a plate. Try to get around 20-30 seeds .

Get a pot 25-30 centimeters deep and equipped with a good drainage system and put the soil.

Wet a toothpick and cut a couple of seeds, to spread on the soil. Do not plant the seeds.

Water the potting soil with a solution of one-third water and two-thirds hydrogen peroxide .

Just put a few drops .

Place the vase in a warm place, such as the kitchen .

Remember that to have healthy and large strawberries it is necessary to place the plant in a bright place.

Water twice a week to keep the soil constantly moist, but without waterlogging.


Learning how to grow strawberries at home , in addition to saving us money, protects our health.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which improves iron absorption and that’s why it’s important if you suffer from anemia or want to prevent it.

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