Omelette in a Bag Cream Cheese Flavor A Dietetic Dish

Omelette in a Bag, Cream Cheese Flavor! A Dietetic Dish
This dish belongs to French cuisine.

To prepare it, eggs and milk are thoroughly whipped, you can use a mixer, blender, whisk, fork.

Then the omelet is poured into a bag and cooked in one of the following ways: in a slow cooker, microwave oven or pot of water.

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Few people know about this type of preparation, however, a dish prepared in this way is much healthier than fried in a pan with sunflower oil.

The omelet in the package is suitable as a dietary meal for any age category.

Boiled omelet is recommended for many diseases, such as diabetes and gastritis.

You can try all the cooking methods and choose the one you like.

If you have doubts about the usefulness of cooking in a bag, then you can do the same in a glass jar!




3 eggs
2/3 cup of milk




If you like a sweet omelette, you can add sugar.

If anything is spicier, then greens.

We liked it without additives.

Beat the eggs with a mixer until frothy, add the milk and beat again.

The mass is liquid, but lush, it turns out.

We take two plastic bags, fold one into one and pour the mass

We tie the bag and immerse it in boiling water for exactly 10 minutes.

I will add that it is advisable to put the water to boil in advance, so as not to wait for it to boil.

After 10 minutes, take out the omelette, turn it out of the bag (it doesn’t stick to the bag) onto a plate, cut and eat!

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