Put it in all indoor plants you will see the results in real time

All this is enough to see indoor plants come back to life, in seconds: a life-saving substance.


Those who want to have plants at home must also know the secrets of the trade.

Often, nurserymen and professionals in the sector try to give all kinds of advice, especially to those who do not have a green thumb.


It then turns out that there are ingredients that can be used normally for plants, even if their primary purpose is completely different.


One ingredient in particular is great for all the plants in the house: they will come back to life.

House plants:

how to best care for them?
When you decide to adopt plants to put in your home, you often don’t evaluate what the work is behind these little creatures.


They need food, water and a location suitable for their growth.


It’s a real commitment, remembering that they can’t do anything alone, which is why people are fundamental in their lives.


It’s not just a matter of taking a seedling and placing it somewhere in the house: without the attention it deserves, it can never be lush.


There are also some people who take too much care of the plant, without taking into account the real needs.

For all this it is good to rely on the advice of experts, while for everything else there is an ingredient that can work wonders for all plants without exception.


The one ingredient for all houseplants:

nourishes them and makes them beautiful again

The one ingredient for all houseplants:

nourishes them and makes them beautiful again
When you want to take care of all the plants in the house, cinnamon is the spice that contains all kinds of benefits and properties. Its main use is in cooking, as a flavor enhancer for dishes but it is also used for well-being.


Among its major properties we find the bactericidal – anti-inflammatory – antifungal and also antiseptic action. As for its secondary actions, it is also excellent for lowering cholesterol levels.


Added to all this is another use, little known, which is for the plants found in the house.


By adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to plants, it is possible to improve their health by neutralizing the direct action of fungi and bacteria.


In detail, this spice with very ancient origins can combat:
Seedlings, fungi that can affect the soil when a plant is in the first phase of its growth.

Not only that, it stimulates the roots and helps strengthen the plant as it grows.

Simply pour a small amount of cinnamon on the ground to prevent escapes from appearing;
Ants which are a big problem for plants that are in the house.


A single teaspoon will be enough to make them very strong and to chase away small animals that don’t like this smell;

Damage of various kinds, stimulating the healing of damaged leaves or roots which could have weakened;

Mosquitoes that don’t like the strong smell of cinnamon won’t come near it to harm them.



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