Mexican Minced Meat Rice Gratin

Mexican Minced Meat Rice Gratin is a delicious invitation to a taste journey to the heart of Mexico. This unique dish will delight your taste buds with its perfect combination of flavors, blending sauce, cheese, rice and meat in an unforgettable culinary harmony. Easy to prepare and with few ingredients, this recipe promises a culinary experience that is as delicious as it is simple. Follow the steps below carefully for an authentically Mexican result.

Need a super easy recipe for dinner tonight? My beef and rice skillet has you covered: One skillet, simple ingredients, 15 minutes of prep time… A keeper for sure!

close up photo of Mexican beef and rice with fresh tomatoes on top
I don’t know about you, but I need easy dinner ideas pretty much every day of the week. And easy to me means little prep time, uncomplicated ingredients, not a lot of dishes to cook it.

My Mexican inspired beef and rice skillet? Definitely ticks all of those boxes. Let’s make it!

How to Make Mexican Beef and Rice
Ingredients you’ll need
Here is an overview of the ingredients in the skillet (great to use as a visual grocery list at the store!). Scroll down to the recipe for quantities.



To make this succulent Mexican Minced Meat Rice Gratin for 4 people, you will need the following elements:

  • 1 cup raw long-grain white rice
  • About 2 cups canned diced tomatoes, undrained
  • 450 g lean ground beef
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • One and a half cups of Cracker Barrel Creamy Shredded Mexicana Cheese
  • 1 cup of salsa
  • 1 cup mixed frozen vegetables (carrots, corn, peas)
  • 35 g taco seasoning


Carefully follow the steps below to prepare this Mexican Minced Meat Rice Gratin:

Start by preheating the oven to 190°C.
In a non-stick pan, cook the ground beef, then mix it with half a cup of cheese.
Off the heat, add the salsa, frozen vegetables, taco seasoning, tomatoes, broth and finally the white rice. Make sure to mix everything well.

Transfer the mixture to a large baking dish, previously sprayed with cooking spray, then cover. Bake for about 50 minutes until the rice is tender.
Then add the rest of the cheese. Uncover the dish and cook for another 5 minutes, letting the cheese melt to complete the gratin.

Your Mexican Minced Meat Rice Gratin is now ready to be enjoyed

! Enjoy your food !

Tips and Tricks
To enhance the preparation of your Mexican Minced Meat Rice Gratin, follow these practical tips:


Choice of Cheese: Opt for a quality creamy grated Mexicana cheese, like that of the Cracker Barrel brand, for a melty texture and authentic flavor.
Personalization of Vegetables: Feel free to personalize the recipe by adding your favorite vegetables for a personal touch and more nutrients.
Cooking Control: Be sure to carefully monitor the cooking time of the gratin. The rice should be tender, and the cheese should melt without burning.
Homemade Salsa Sauce: For an even more personalized touch, try making your own salsa sauce with fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro.
Vary the Seasonings: Experiment with taco seasonings by using homemade mixes or adding additional spices to suit your preferences.


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