Scrambled Eggs with Cheese: Delicious and High Protein

Scrambled eggs with cheese is a simple, delicious, and high-protein dish that’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even a quick dinner. This classic recipe is easy to prepare and can be customized with your favorite types of cheese and additional ingredients to suit your taste. Here’s how to make the perfect cheesy scrambled eggs.


#### Serve:
1. **Plate:** Transfer the scrambled eggs to a serving plate.
2. **Garnish:** Sprinkle with chopped chives or parsley, if desired.

### Tips:
– **Low and Slow:** Cooking the eggs over medium-low heat ensures they stay creamy and soft without becoming rubbery.
– **Fresh Cheese:** Use freshly shredded cheese for the best melt and flavor.
– **Customizable:** Feel free to add your favorite ingredients to the eggs for a more substantial meal.

### Nutritional Information (per serving):
– **Calories:** 300-350 (varies with cheese and add-ins)
– **Protein:** 20-25 grams
– **Fat:** 22-28 grams
– **Carbohydrates:** 1-3 grams (varies with add-ins)

Enjoy this delicious and high-protein dish as a part of your balanced diet. Scrambled eggs with cheese are not only nutritious but also incredibly satisfying and versatile, making them a staple in any kitchen!



  • • 2 eggs
  • • ¼ cup cheddar cheese, grated (or Monterey Jack)
  • • ½ tsp olive oil (or butter)
  • • Salt and pepper to taste
  • • 1 slice wholegrain bread (toasted)


1. Put a frying pan onto a medium heat and put in the butter or oil.
2. Break the eggs into a bowl and beat quickly with a fork.
3. Grate the cheese and have it ready.
4. Tip the beaten eggs into the frying pan.
5. Layer the cheese on top.
6. The eggs will start to solidify almost straight away – as soon as they do use a spatula and ‘pull’ the eggs in from the side to the middle.
7. Repeat the pulling in several times.
8. It doesn’t take long, the idea behind this is you’ll have soft, lightly cooked fresh eggs. It’s hard to undercook an egg really, but very easy to overcook. 2 – 3 minutes cooking time is all you’ll need.
9. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Done!


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