Coyotas Mexican Dessert

Coyotas are a traditional Mexican dessert originating from the state of Sonora. These sweet treats are essentially flat, round cookies or pastries made from a simple dough consisting of flour, sugar, shortening, and water. Here’s a description of this delightful dessert:

The filling can vary but commonly consists of piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), cinnamon, and sometimes other ingredients like nuts or fruit preserves. The filled dough is then pressed down and crimped along the edges to seal in the filling.

Once assembled, the coyotas are baked in the oven until golden brown and crisp around the edges. They emerge from the oven with a fragrant aroma and irresistible golden hue. After cooling, the coyotas are ready to be enjoyed as a delicious dessert or snack.

Coyotas are often served alongside a hot cup of coffee or as a sweet treat to enjoy with family and friends during special occasions and celebrations. With their crispy texture, sweet filling, and comforting flavors, coyotas are sure to delight anyone who tries them, making them a beloved dessert in Mexican cuisine.

Ingrediens :

For the cookies:

  • 3 ⅓ cups all purpose flour
  • 1 ¼ cup lard, or vegetable shortening
  • ½ Tbsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt

For the Syrup

  • ½ cup piloncillo, crushed, or brown sugar
  • ½ cup water

the filling:

  • ½ cup piloncillo, crushed
  • 1 Tbsp all purpose flour


  • 1 medium egg
  • sugar (for garnish)


Prepare the filling:
Put the crushed piloncillo in a bowl, add the flour and mix perfectly. Set aside.
Prepare the piloncillo syrup:
In a small saucepan place piloncillo (or brown sugar) and water over low heat, stir until it dissolves very well. Let it cool completely.
Make the dough by hand:
In a large bowl, place the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Add lard and the piloncillo syrup. With your hands, start to knead little by little inside the bowl to integrate the ingredients.
Transfer the dough to a work surface and knead for about 10 minutes or until you get a smooth, lump-free dough that comes off easily from your hands. If you notice the dough is too dry, add one to two tablespoon of cold water.
Make the dough with a stand mixer:
Place all ingredientes in the mixer bowl and using the flat beater knead until everything is combined (about 2 minutes).
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Transfer the dough to a work surface and knead for about 1 minute to achieve a smooth dough. If you notice the dough is too dry, add one to two tablespoon of cold water.
Make the cookies:
Flour the working surface and with a rolling pin roll the dough until it is approximately 3 mm (0.11 inch) thick.
Using a round cookie cutter of about 10 cm (approx. 4 ″) cut circles as close together as possible.
In half of the circles put one or two teaspoon of the filling, spreading it well in the circle but taking care that it is not too close to the edges.
Cover each cookie with the other half of the circles, placing them carefully on top and fitting the edges of both pieces.
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With a fork lightly press the edges of each cookie to seal very well. Next, click in the middle to make some small holes.
Grease with butter or place parchment paper in a cooking baking tray and transfer the cookies leaving them al least 2,5cm (1 inch) separated to each other.
At this point you can brush the cookies with some egg wash and sprinkle them with sugar on top. Or just bake them as suggested.
Bake at 180 ° C (360F) for 20 minutes or until Coyotas are lightly browned on top and edges are slightly darker.
Carefully transfer the cookies to a cooling rack and let them cool completely before storing or you can go ahead and eat them while they’re still warm!
Enjoy !

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