Chocoflan, also known as “Pastel Imposible” or “Impossible Cake,” is a delicious and impressive dessert that combines two favorite desserts into one stunning treat.

It features a layer of rich chocolate cake topped with a layer of creamy flan, all covered in a decadent caramel sauce. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started:



For the flan:

200g cream cheese

5 eggs L

1 can (375g) condensed milk

The same can full of evaporated milk

2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

For the chocolate cake:

1 unsweetened natural yogurt of 125 g (the glass of yogurt is the measure)

1 measure of sunflower oil yogurt

2 measures of sugar yogurt

3 measures of flour yogurt

1 measure of dark and intense cocoa powder yogurt

3 eggs

1 envelope of chemical yeast (16 g)

Liquid candy


Preheat the oven to 180º. We are going to start our recipe with the flan.

For the flan, we beat the cream cheese with the eggs until we form a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Add the condensed milk, the evaporated milk and the vanilla essence and beat until everything is well integrated.

We reserve and while we prepare the cake.

For the cake, we beat the yogurt, eggs, sugar and sunflower oil.

Sift the flour with the cocoa and chemical yeast over this mixture.

We beat until we get homogeneous.

 Grease the mold that we are going to use very well with butter or oil.

In the bottom of the mold we put a little liquid caramel and add the mixture of the cake.

We hit the mold a few times to settle the mixture well.

*When the mixture has settled well, we go for the flan mixture that we have reserved.

On an upside-down spoon, gradually add the flan mixture, being careful that both mixtures do not come together.

Then we cover the mold with silver paper and we make a little hole that serves as a ‘chimney’.

We put it in a deep tray where we will add hot water up to half the mold.

Put in the mold and bake in a bain-marie for 1 hour or 1 hour and a half.

We check with a toothpick that it is done. In this process, the cake mixture rises to the surface of the mold and the flan sets below.

We let it cool completely out of the oven and then we put it in the fridge for a minimum of two hours, before unmolding and serving.



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