Shrimp and Chicken stir fry 


2-crowns of broccoli


1-cup shredded carrots


1/2 sm. onion sliced thin


12oz.Bag Bean sprouts


3 gloves Garlic


2 stalks of celery


2 cups chopped mushrooms


12 lg.shrimp


1 1/2 cups of roasted chicken breast


3/4 Kikkoman Stir fry sauce



brown onions,then add garlic cook another 2-3 minutes add broccoli, cook 2 more min then add about 2-3 tblsp water and cover and cook until tender stirring often.


Add carrots, celery, and mushrooms and cooking until tender.


Remove and place in bowl to set aside.


Add shrimp to pan and cook until pink, stirring often, remove and add to bowl with veg.


mixture, add cooked chicken to pan to heat thru, then add bean sprouts, after 2 min.


add veg.


mixture and then slowly add stir fry sauce.


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