150 gr butter
300 gr digestive biscuits
For the pistachio cream:
250 g spreadable cheese
200g ricotta
250 gr fresh cream
100 g of sugar
100 gr pistachio cream
10 g of gelatin in sheets
for the caramelized pistachios
60 gr pistachios
60 g of sugar 
1. Base: Blend the cookies and then add the butter. Blend the mixture in the mold and leave in the refrigerator.
2. Soak gelatin in cold water.
3. Cream: add ricotta, cheese and sugar. Then add the cream and pistachio cream.
4. Squeeze and dissolve the gelatin in hot milk. Add to the cream.
5. Pour the cream over the base and refrigerate for 3 hours.
6. Decorate with caramelized pistachios. 

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