~The peppers
✓10 Red bell peppers tatase
✓2 red chili peppers Shombo
✓2 onions chopped
✓1 habanero pepper
✓¼ cup red pepper flakes optional skip to reduce the heat.
✓200 g honey comb tripe
✓500 g Beef
✓100 g cow skin
✓150 g cow foot
✓2 cups bleached palm oil
✓3 cups Beef stock
✓1 tablespoon Bouillon powder (add more to taste)
✓7 hard boiled eggs
✓¼ cup iru (Locust beans)
✓2 tablespoon ground crayfish


✓Clean and deseed the red bell peppers. Blend with one onion and red chili peppers if using. Use as little water as you can manage without over working your blender. Then set aside.
✓Pour palm oil in a sauce pan with a lid. Bleach palm oil for 7 minutes in the covered pot. Leave pot covered for at least 20 mins before opening to allow the oil cool down completely.
✓Saute onions in the bleached oil then add the iru. Pour in the puréed peppers fry for 5 mins then add in the meat stock , Bouillon powder and the Crayfish
✓Cook till the sauce thickens, stirring frequently to prevent burning.
✓Finally add the precooked and fried assorted meats, stir and taste for seasoning. ✓Adjust accordingly.
Lower heat and allow to simmer for about 5 minutes then turn heat off.
✓Add boiled eggs to the sauce.
✓Serve over rice


If you didn’t fry the meats prior to making the dish, You can fry the precooked meats in the oil, then scoop out meats and set aside before sautéing the onions.
Hope you’ll try it



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