Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Dried tomatoes in oil represent a culinary masterpiece born from the marriage of simplicity and sophistication. The journey commences with the selection of the finest tomatoes, chosen for their vibrant color, firm texture, and tantalizing aroma.

When the time comes to unleash their culinary prowess, the dried tomatoes in oil stand ready to dazzle with their versatility and depth of flavor. Whether tossed with pasta, scattered atop a salad, or nestled into a crusty loaf of bread, they elevate every dish they touch, infusing it with the sun-drenched essence of summer and the timeless allure of Mediterranean cuisine.

Dried tomatoes in oil are more than a condiment; they are a culinary treasure—a testament to the transformative power of preservation and the artistry of flavor. With each bite, they offer a glimpse into a world of abundance and abundance, where the simplest of ingredients are elevated to extraordinary heights.

Dried Tomatoes in Oil: the Best Recipe to Make Them
Sundried tomatoes in oil are a delicious way to preserve tomatoes for a long time and give them an intense and concentrated flavor.


  • tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Cider vinegar
  • Sunflower seed oil Olive oil
  • capers
  • Fresh mint
  • Garlic
  • Chilli to taste


Cut the tomatoes into three parts (or two if they are small), cover them with salt and vinegar and let them dry in the sun (on a net).

Turn them over during this procedure.

Once the tomatoes are completely dry, rinse and let them dry.

Then in a bowl add the seasoning, stir and fill the jars.

Finally add both types of oil.

Do not close the boxes for 8-10 hours in order to squeeze out the necessary air, then you can close them.


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